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I want to make a USB Y connector from a PC USB backplate it is faster than buying one, fun and educational, (a usb hub is 20 dollars here).

I have many PC USB backplates available to wire into a hub so i had a go:

I wired all the wires of the same color together in Y formation, but i can only use one of the usb plugs at a time, and not both.

Is there a way to switch round some of the colors so that they are useable concurrently?

I thought USB was simply in series / in parallel.

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green and white are upflow and downflow of data. – user4606 Mar 11 '14 at 13:26
@user4606, no they are not. They are a (mostly) differential signaling pair. You might be thinking of asynchronous serial ports. – markrages Mar 11 '14 at 15:00
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USB is not simply in series or parallel.

You need a USB Hub chip to build what you are trying to build.

Good luck!

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As @markrages noted, you cannot "Y" a USB connection. It simply won't work.

What you are seeing on pre-built backplates with two USB sockets is that the other end is connecting to two different USB ports on the motherboard, combined into a two-wide connector.

To see what I'm saying, please look at figure 6 of this page.

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