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Someone told me that it is called wire loop. I want to buy it, but I could not find it using wire loop as keyword

enter image description here

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You're getting good answers. You can find a wide variety of this sort of thing by searching for "strain relief", too. – bitsmack Apr 11 '14 at 18:19
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It appears that what you're looking for is a plastic P clamp (or P clip).

enter image description here from here

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actually, the link you provided says "cable clamp"... it might be a good idea to provide that name in your answer also – vaxquis Apr 12 '14 at 14:30

It looks like a P clip to me: -

enter image description here

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I would call that a "cable clamp". If you google for that term, you should find pictures of a wide variety of cable clamps.

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Whatever the name of the specific piece you are looking for (probably have multiple names, I think they are called cable clamps), looking through a electronic parts vendors catalog in the Cable Management section. That's where you will find them, especially through a gallery (or those big paper catalogs they love to send [and I love to flip through]). Most of all, you will find what that company calls them.

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