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What is the correct name for those little jumper cables, with a small socket each end, designed to go between header pins on PCBs. A bit like these, but singles


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It's fairly common to call them "dupont" cables regardless of how many conductors it contains.

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Thanks - never heard the name even after decades in the business! Maybe it's mainly a US thing. Anyway, I found some (overpriced) on RS using combinations of words like "jumper" and "pcb" etc. However, entering you suggestion brought up a load of cheap stuff on eBay - ideal! –  Dirk Bruere Apr 30 at 10:02
I don't think it actually ever had a specific name until someone got tired of it not having a name and pulled one out of thin air. –  Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Apr 30 at 10:03
A vast amount on www.dx.com –  Dirk Bruere Apr 30 at 10:26

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