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are these the standard headers for i2c and ISP?

enter image description here enter image description here

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Which standard? – pipe Feb 14 at 8:48
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According to Atmel's datasheet, it is the recommended pinout:


As for I2C, there is no recommended pinout in the NXP's I2C specification. I've seen a lot of different ones:

  • SCL, SDA, GND, 5V
  • SDA, SCL, GND, 5V

So feel free to use whichever you like more.

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No, sadly not. There are lots of pinouts that are used 'standard' by a specific manufacturer, but nothing that is realy widespread.

As an example, I like the Olimex UEXT:

enter image description here

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There aren't any standard I2C connector pinouts as far as I know, although many individual board manufacturers probably have their own standard for compatibility between various boards they make. For the lower schematic what's marked as "SPI header" looks like the Atmel ISP6PIN layout, from the AVR JTAGICE mkII documentation:

ISP6PIN pinout

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