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I'm using "XBee 802.15.4 Module" After successful connection with X-cut & made a "+++" it responded "Ok" Then is stopped working .... I tried to reconnect to it again & failed .. it no longer accept a serial communication. I searched many topics for this problem , trying to find a solution for reset, specially a Hardware reset ... didn't find any !

So my questions are:

1- "There a method to make a reset for it & restore to factory default with hardware & without serial communication " ?

2- "How I can be positive that the module is "burned down" & no longer working .." ?

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From Instructable, Configuring Xbees article, Un-Bricking step:

  1. Take the module out of the interface board.
  2. Connect the interface board to the computer.
  3. Open X-CTU make sure Baud Rate is set to 9600
  4. Go to "Modem Configuration"
  5. Put a check in the "Always update firmware" box
  6. Select proper modem from drop down menu,
  7. Select proper function set and firmware version from drop down menus.
  8. Click on the "Write" button. After a few seconds of trying to read the modem, you will get an Info box that says Action Needed. At this point, CAREFULLY insert the module into the interface board.
  9. You may get the info box again a short while after, just use the reset button on the interface board.
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