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I have just recently bought a few different ic's from Mouser.com, not thinking i never even looked to see if i could use them. I Wound up getting a few Azoteq IQS128 capacitive touch sensors, but I have absolutely no clue which pins are which and how to wire them to an arduino. Any help would be appreciated.

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Have you read the datasheed? It's a load of informations about using the component. But to wire it phisically you need to put the smt package in something that can fit with Arduino...which means a small board or a socket – clabacchio Mar 15 '12 at 23:53

The datasheet is available on http://www.azoteq.com - see the pinout there.

The effective operation of the IQS128 is dependent on good de-coupling at the VDDHI and VREG lines (see the reference designs)

If you have ordered 957-IQS12800100TSR you will have a proximity output on pin3.

If you have ordered 957-IQS12800000TSR then pin3 is an input (ENABLE/DISABLE). You will have to pull pin3 high in order to enable the IQS128.

See the manual for some information on the layout used on the 957-IQS128EV01.

Buying the 957-IQS128EV01 would give you a module that can be quickly wired/plugged into your design.

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Azoteq provides some design quidelines for capacitive touch sensors as well as a simple schematic for wiring up the IQS128. So you would connect your Arduino to the output line. The breakout board schematics might also give you some ideas.

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