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I'm trying to connect a small USB disk or a microSD card to a LilyPad Arduino project, but I cannot find the shields to do that. Do they exist and if so, would be possible to be done?

I have found XBee connections to send the data to a main XBee board or a laptop, but I need more storage capacity onboard the project without connectivity.

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The lilypad's form factor isn't really meant for use with shields - instead, it is made to be sewn into wearable projects and similar, where stacking would defeat the purpose.

Electrically it is similar to other arduino-type boards, so the ideas embodied by ordinary shields would probably work with it given a little modification: for example, you could build the same circuit in a different form factor, or you could even connect a shield to a lilypad with individual wires.

The ultimate solution would of course be to make a custom board with the microcontroller and whatever peripherals you need on it, effectively merging the needed part of the shield into the main module.

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SparkFun has a microSD shield.

Edit: Just as an after thought, how much storage space you need?? I ask this because it is possible to connect to lilypad arduino boards either through serial or SPI and have one be a slave and just store data in its internal flash. The program to do such task should take that much space so I'd estimate you could use about 30 or the 32Kbytes of the atmega328 flash but it depends on the amount of data storage your project requires

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An SPI flash chip would be much smaller and cheaper and provide several megabytes of storage. –  Chris Stratton Nov 21 '12 at 22:21

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