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i'm looking for relatively cheap, but usable 2/4 channel scope with 100 or even 200 MHz bandwidth and logic analyzer. It can be standalone device or usb based scope (but in this case linux or osx software required).

Are Owon MSO8202T or Hantek MSO5202D worth looking at?

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Your post is a shopping post and it will get downvoted and closed. However, for sake of discussion, I myself have been looking for one. Interestingly, someone has gone through the trouble of testing an Atten one and the results seem good. See Here

In general I'm seeing these chinese brands popping up and it would seem to me that many are choosing Atten. It's also nice to see that the firmware gets improved and things are fixed. I wonder whether these guys are giving Tektronix and Agilent a run for their money given how expensive are Tek and Agilent scopes with the same specs (I've seen 4x or more). Tek and Agilent clearly aren't targeting the hobbyist/low budget sector (although they've done a few versions specifically for this which are still several times the price of the chinese competitors). Of course, the quality is something that's very important, but it seems that the chinese manufacturers are starting to improve in this aspect.

I've also considered purchasing used scopes that are around 15 years old, but consider:

1) Usually these come with no probes

2) The components are already drifiting and calibration will be likely needed

3) Missing functions left and right (USB connectivity, FFT) which are very common these days.

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