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I would like to be able to splice two buses in kicad into a third larger bus.

Say I have a subsheet with an output pin connected to a 16 wire bus (an unrelated note, it took me a while to figure out how to get buses through a subsheet but it works). I have another sheet where I place several identical copies of that subsheet and want to have the output of that sheet be a N*16 bit bus to be used in the top-level sheet, as an illustration, here is a simplified example of what I want to achieve

enter image description here

The first bus passes through perfectly, (e.g. lines 1-16 have associated nets and are properly placed in pcbnew), however the second bus (lines 17-32) doesn't get connected

I figured out a way around this by assigning each subcomponent bus a seperate unique bus name and then mapping each one, pin by pin to the corresponding pin on the master bus. it is however rather inconvenient given that the full schematic has 512 total lines in the bus ( :O ).

The not-so-convenient-solution is illustrated below (not all pin-assignments are shown for clarity)

enter image description here

In short, the question is if there is a way to get around bit-banging all the buses together like this and have a solution more like the first non-working method.


Before anyone asks, this doesn't work either

enter image description here

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Have you tried Kicad support? – Leon Heller Jun 13 '13 at 9:17

The EESchema reference manual section "Global connections between buses" explains this. Bus wires with a junction.

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