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I am trying to make a high voltage measurement on an industrial sputtering machine. The voltages are in the 50V to 1000V range. Right now, we're using a Fluke DMM because we need a true floating voltage measurement (there's a lot of random common-mode noise that can't be eliminated). It works great, but it is battery powered and doesn't have any computer output capability.

We'd really like to replicate this function with a powered meter that can talk to a computer, so the data can be automatically logged. I've read a lot about this (although I still understand little). I understand that, in order to get a good floating, differential measurement, the meter must be well electrically isolated from our chassis with all the common mode noise and also from its own power signal.

If I could find something that could make this measurement and scale it to, say, a 0-10V output, I would be enthralled. Any suggestions or educations would be appreciated!

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I just wanted to follow up.

I've finally found a device that can do this job. I just wanted to post in case anyone happens upon this thread, searching for the same thing:

APD HV-DC High Voltage DC to DC Transmitters, Isolated, Field Rangeable

which is made by API-USA.

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46Fluke (US), Multimeters, select a multimeter Then 1000 V USB thumb drive logging gives the 8846A With USB interface 789, 289, 287 are possibilities. What EN61010-1 CAT do you need?

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I tried to edit a typo, but couldn't because of the length restriction. Anyhow, the product is 8846A, not 8864A. – Dave Feb 7 '11 at 14:53

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