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Try: - \$100,000 \times \dfrac{750\times 1.3}{600\times 2.5}\$ = 65,000


You've got a mistake in the first equation: I get a CPU time of \$2.2 \cdot 10^{--4} s\$, or ~200 us. The second equation can be reworked to \$I = \dfrac{f \cdot T_{CPU}}{CPI}\$


Solving the first part gave me 216.667 us. I would double check your math there. $$100000 \cdot 1.3 = 130000$$ $$\frac{130000}{600 \cdot 10^6} = 2.167 \cdot 10^{-4}$$ Using this gives you the correct solution.


Since the clock rate is fixed, the number of instructions needed for the "new" P2 is 8/10 * 30 x 10^9, or 24 x 10^9. That is, if you reduce the number of instructions to 80% of the original, the execution time drops to 80% as well. Note that the question made no mention of cycles per instruction. It just asked how many instructions are needed to produce the ...

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