OrCAD is an EDA (electronic design automation) suite that includes schematic capture, PCB layout and several other related modules.

OrCAD is proprietary EDA (electronic design automation) software suite that currently includes:

  • OrCAD Capture for schematic capture.
  • OrCAD PCB Designer for PCB design.
  • OrCAD EE (PSpice) Designer for simulation.
  • OrCAD PCB SI that allows analysis of signal integrity issues.
  • OrCAD Library Builder for part creation including extraction from PDF datasheets.
  • OrCAD Engineering Data Management for collaboration on team designs.
  • OrCAD Documentation Editor for creating PCB documentation for manufacturing and assembly.

The OrCAD PCB solutions page has further technical and purchasing information, along with a download link for the OrCAD Lite edition that offers the functionality of the full version but with limits on the size and complexity of the design.

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