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Top new questions this week:

Why are some embedded registers password protected?

Some registers on MSP430 devices (and I assume some non-TI chips, but I mostly know MSP430s) have "passwords" that reset the device if software writes to the register without the right ...

microcontroller embedded  
user avatar asked by Duckrubber27 Score of 14
user avatar answered by nanofarad Score of 23

Is 3-phase power in any way better than split-phase power in a residential setting?

My understanding is that in the US (and Canada?) residential units receive split-phase 120V/240V power meaning the voltage between two phases is 2x the line-to-neutral voltage. Here in Europe ...

three-phase split-phase  
user avatar asked by QuantumWiz Score of 13
user avatar answered by Jeroen3 Score of 21

Mounting DIL8 package on SO8 footprint

As you might know, it is hard to get components these days. That's why we engineers have to get creative sometimes ;-) The company I'm working for has a shortage of a Zener-type voltage reference ...

soldering footprint precision  
user avatar asked by Stefan Wyss Score of 9
user avatar answered by Lundin Score of 5

What was this completely destroyed piece?

Yesterday morning, I was preparing my tiller pilot (auto pilot for small boats) but it sounded like something was loose inside. When I opened it up, I found a damaged rubber sealing and the piece in ...

identification damage mechanical  
user avatar asked by PMF Score of 9
user avatar answered by bobflux Score of 30

How to filter out the switching noise from a DC/DC converter

I've set up a power supply using a MAX632 DC/DC Boost converter to bring up voltage from a small 4.5V battery, then I'm using a LM2940CT-5.0 linear regulator to bring it back to 5V, which the voltage ...

switch-mode-power-supply noise boost passive-filter  
user avatar asked by jmgonet Score of 8
user avatar answered by Big6 Score of 9

How is the CQFP64 package supposed to be soldered?

I am currently designing a PCB containing an ATmegaS128 with the CQFP64 package (see picture below and page 460 of its datasheet), but I do not know how it can be soldered. Can the golden frame and ...

microcontroller pcb soldering packages  
user avatar asked by charon25 Score of 6
user avatar answered by JRE Score of 11

Through holes vs pads for hand soldering

I am currently designing my first PCB to be manufactured by a fab (I am using JLCPCB). The base material that JLCPCB offers is FR-4 TG130. In that design, I have a few wires that would need to be hand-...

pcb pcb-design pcb-fabrication through-hole pad  
user avatar asked by Dakkaron Score of 5

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Altium: How do I flip/mirror components? X and Y don't work

So this seem like a simple question, but I'm trying to flip components in the schematic editor. If I select a component then use the keyboard shortcut X or Y, it brings up a menu and does not slip the ...

pcb altium  
user avatar asked by user18482 Score of 36
user avatar answered by m.Alin Score of 51

USART, UART, RS232, USB, SPI, I2C, TTL, etc. what are all of these and how do they relate to each other?

As a novice electronics hobbyist, I have heard these terms and more being thrown around everywhere. At its root, I understand that they are all based on communication between devices, computers, ...

user avatar asked by capcom Score of 193
user avatar answered by stevenvh Score of 280

What standard UART rates are there?

I know 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 and 1.8432 Mbaud, but no others. Why are these values used, and is it simply doubling each time or is there something more complex going on (for example, 38400 ...

user avatar asked by Thomas O Score of 52
user avatar answered by mikeselectricstuff Score of 50

Why does micro USB 2.0 have 5 pins, when the A-type only has 4?

What is the extra, 5th, pin on micro usb 2.0 adapters for? Here is an image with the different connectors. Most of them have 5 pins, but the A-type host only has four. (source: wikimedia.org)

user avatar asked by Sponge Bob Score of 121
user avatar answered by Oli Glaser Score of 105

Do I really need resistors when controlling LEDs with Arduino?

I'm just trying out Arduino Uno for the first time with 2 blinking LEDs on a breadboard. All the tutorials on the Internet seem to use a resistor. I do know the function of resistors, but does it ...

arduino led resistors  
user avatar asked by 40pro Score of 55
user avatar answered by stevenvh Score of 87

LED bulb still emits light when turned off

I have recently purchased an IKEA LED bulb with G9 fittings, to replace a halogen one. This one. The bulb is installed in a lamp with 3 other halogen G9s in a 3 + 1 configuration with a 3-state ...

led ac light  
user avatar asked by André Fernandes Score of 13
user avatar answered by Curd Score of 20

What is the reverse recovery time in a diode?

What is the reverse recovery time in a diode?

user avatar asked by Cell-o Score of 42
user avatar answered by Joe Score of 48

Can you answer these questions?

Commutation BLDC Motor with Complementary PWM produces slower speeds than Independent PWM

'"a complementary PWM can be used, which will also reduce the power dissipation in the devices". That means using Complementary PWM makes the MOSFET cooler. However, in my program, using ...

stm32 pwm brushless-dc-motor motor-controller stm32cubeide  
user avatar asked by Ujanderas Score of 1

How can I identify these two electrical components?

Could you please help me in deciphering these two electrical components? I can provide schematic as well. enter image description here

circuit-analysis pcb pcb-design identification pcb-fabrication  
user avatar asked by Syed Abdullah Sohail Shah Score of 1

Reverse engineering alarm keypad protocol

I'm trying to reverse engineer the protocol that an old home alarm system uses to communicate with the keypads. Connected via 4 wires: GND 13.2V DATA CLOCK I've managed to connect the wires to a ...

user avatar asked by Muxa Score of 1
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