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Top new questions this week:

What is the purpose of this disk over a Samtec connector?

With beautification in mind I decided to attach 3D-STEP models to elements on my PCB. One of them is a connector from Samtec. They do provide a STEP models for a download, but it was immediately ...

pcb-design model  
asked by PF4Public 19 votes
answered by Mast 30 votes

When does a transistor act as a switch, and when as an amplifier?

I'm a beginner with electronics, anyway I'm experimenting a lot with it. I still don't understand how you can use the same transistor for example to amplify an audio signal, or to act as a switch for ...

transistors current amplifier switching  
asked by MILO.PY 13 votes
answered by Sadat Rafi 16 votes

How is a diode used to regulate voltage?

Hi all, I was wondering how a diode is used to control the voltage here? Assuming the voltage coming in from the left is greater than the reference voltage provided by the potentiometer, the diode ...

operational-amplifier diodes voltage-regulator  
asked by Pirana 7 votes
answered by Transistor 10 votes

What is the correct pin spacing for this footprint?

I'm trying to import an IC footprint into CAD software and can't seem to nail down the exact dimension for pin spacing. The two supporting documents seem to conflict with each other (Land Patterns ...

pcb-design schematics surface-mount dimensions  
asked by Tanenthor 5 votes
answered by Tom Carpenter 7 votes

Decode/Analyse the following UART signals

I have sent a 2 and a 9 using UART. The baud rate is 9600, there is no parity, and it has 8 data bits. As we know 9 is represented as 1001 in binary. However, this is what I get from my UART signal: ...

uart communication  
asked by user405714 5 votes
answered by Michael Karas 32 votes

Film/TV question: How to build Foam Cutter from only household items

I'm writing a scene for television and I need to make a foam/rope cutter from household items. I've watched several videos, including this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cM0lP2WCzY0, and ...

electrical thermal diy  
asked by Triple9Nickel 5 votes
answered by Transistor 20 votes

Why is the verification of Thevenin's theorem more accurate than that of Superposition theorem?

In my first course on Electrical Engineering, we have an experiment in the Electrical lab that asks us to verify the Thevenin theorem and the Superposition theorem and cross-check our results with our ...

circuit-analysis dc thevenin error superposition  
asked by William R. Ebenezer 5 votes
answered by le_top 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Headphone wire color coding

How do I tell which wire is which if I have a copper wire, red and green coded wire? Is the unshielded copper wire ground?

wire speakers colour-coding  
asked by stanigator 30 votes
answered by Journeyman Geek 36 votes

Generator speed, and power output. Frequency

When you have a sudden change in load, I understand that you can expect to see sudden, voltage/current spikes. I also understand that you can expect to see a generator speed up or slow down for a ...

frequency generator  
asked by Daniel Smith 1 vote

Relay vs. Transistor?

Rather basic, I'm afraid, but when would you use a relay, and when would you use a transistor? In a relay the contacts wear out, so why are relays used at all?

transistors relay  
asked by hauntsaninja 76 votes
answered by Thomas O 58 votes

Making a logic circuit with only NAND GATES?

I am trying to create a logic circuit using only NAND Gates for this expression: (NOT Q AND P) OR R This question has really gotten me stuck! Can somebody please help?

logic-gates nand not-gate  
asked by Mathematica 5 votes
answered by Majenko 22 votes

Saving Arduino sensor data to a text file

How can I save data retrieved from a sensor to a text file on the computer?

asked by desNotes 34 votes
answered by Nikolaus Gradwohl 30 votes

Difference between latch and flip-flop?

What is the difference between a latch and a flip-flop? What I am thinking is that a latch is equivalent to a flip-flop since it is used to store bits and is also equivalent to a register which is ...

digital-logic flipflop latch  
asked by Ankur Trapasiya 53 votes
answered by Rick_2047 25 votes

Rules and guidelines for drawing good schematics

There are a lot of poorly drawn schematics here. A few times people have actually asked for critiques of their schematics. This question is intended as a single repository on schematic drawing rules ...

schematics standard drawing design-rules  
asked by Olin Lathrop 285 votes
answered by Olin Lathrop 394 votes

Can you answer these questions?

12v wiring regulations (UK)?

What regulations (if any) do I need to follow if wiring a 12 volt system (in the UK). I was planning to wire up a garden shed / summer house to the 220v mains. I'm confident I could wire it safely ...

solar-cell battery-operated 12v  
asked by ConanTheGerbil 1 vote
answered by Simon B 0 votes

It is possible to use a 100W 12V solar panel directly to charge a laptop, using a buck converter for example?

I am planning to go off the grid due to the pandemia, to an isolated village. I am working remotely I am looking for a solar approach to power my laptop ACER A5 515. The charger is rated 40W. I was ...

transformer dc-dc-converter converter solar-energy solar-charge-controller  
asked by user2692024 1 vote
answered by Tony Stewart Sunnyskyguy EE75 0 votes

TXE Interrupt is not generated ARM STM32F103C6

I'm trying to write a class to have the possibility of sending data using UART by TXE (TDR is empty) Interrupt. The class uses only USART1. The class has a ring data buffer to send. I have written a ...

microcontroller uart interrupts proteus stm32f103  
asked by German 1 vote
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