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Does a USB mouse have memory that could be used to store malware?

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Does a mouse have memory?

I worry that this might get flagged as too broad, but here it goes:

Lately I've been thinking about the possibility of loading data on peripheral devices. One of the most used peripherals is the mouse. I realize that there are 101 ways to build a mouse. To refine my question into several, I ask these questions:

  1. Is it possible to build a mouse without memory? If so, is it typically seen not have memory on a mouse?
  2. Suppose the mouse did have memory (if this is not an realistic assumption, please point that out), is it typical to see ROM types of memory only? Can the memory be flashed like CMOS memory?
  3. Has any one seen an computer attack/malware attack from the memory of a mouse?

I ask number three because what I've been thinking of lately is the generalization of the attacks performed by various advanced persistent threats.