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Jun 15 '21 at 20:30 comment added wbeaty @svenema also, a shorted gate is the symptom of over-voltage, which usually comes from high-volts present on human bodies and plastic table surfaces during low humidity. When MOS develops shorted gates during soldering, it's almost always an ESD problem. (Heh, do your soldering in a small closet with humidifier, so everything is damp! )
Jun 15 '21 at 20:12 comment added wbeaty @svenema also, if humidity is low, ESD is nearly impossible to stop, unless you use a conductive table-top (special ESD mat,) plus a wrist-bracelet and cord, even ionizing blower! The ancient 2N7000 is particularly sensitive, lacking the heavy protection used in later CMOS chips. If you touch ground briefly, then slightly shift your butt on the chair, or move your shoes on the rug, your body-voltage immediately goes up to many kilovolts. That's why you need to be grounded continuously (with 1meg resistor in the ground-wire, to prevent electrocution from touching line-volts!)
Dec 24 '19 at 6:19 comment added svenema thanks, will try that! -- I had kinda parked this project, will resume it somewhere in the next year. replying to old threats on StackExchange can definiatly be useful :)
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