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Feb 26 '21 at 16:40 comment added glen_geek @Andyaka Very good points, all!. I did cut the default opamp gain from 100k to about 280 so that oscillations build more slowly, and are more easily seen.
Feb 26 '21 at 16:13 comment added Andy aka A point to mention - this is the more classical rendition of the Hartley oscillator but, like the Colpitts oscillator, it does rely on the op-amp having a non-zero output impedance to produce oscillation else, what would be the point of L2. That resistor and L2 produce an extra 10 to 30 degrees of phase shift in order to get the overall 180 degrees shift when feeding back to the inverting terminal. It also works better if the op-amp gain is somewhat limited to just above that necessary to start oscillations (else it produces a very shabby sinewave).
Feb 26 '21 at 15:36 history answered glen_geek CC BY-SA 4.0