I've been looking at modems and most of them come in RS232/485 input only. I need to hook up 5 different power cables to the modem to monitor their voltage.

Some of the modem's I've found have 4 to 8 digital and analog input/output. I've also looked at maybe having an Arduino in between the modem and sensors.

What is the proper GPRS / GSM modem setup for 5 voltage sensors?


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You could use a GPS tracker - here's one that has (amongst other features): -

  • Programmable logging and upload interval
  • 4 x alarm inputs
  • 2 x analog inputs [GS902]
  • 2 x relay outputs
  • 1 x low voltage alert

It doesn't give you the full 5 analogue inputs you need but it's a start.

enter image description here


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