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For educational purposes, our professors have DB25 ports on our laboratory rooms, and of course we can only simulate our assembly codes in there

Our professor said that it might not be possible to control 8 LEDs (terminal D0-D7) using a USB to Parallel Port(DB25) Converter,

We're simulating, for example, We're sending binary information to the port that would do this:

D0 On
D1 On
D2 Off
D3 On
D4 On
D5 Off
D6 Off
D7 On

It would be mov al, 11011001b, as I've said we've done this on PC's that have available DB25 port

Is it possible to send an 8-bit data through a USB to Parallel Port(DB25) Converter?


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No, that is not possible (unless maybe if you are a guru-level windows hacker).

The reason is that such a converter creates a virtual PRINTER, and there is no windows API to send a byte to a printer.

With an usb-to-serial converter the situation is different: for this windows creates a virtual PORT and there are API calls to send a byte to such a port.



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