I'm making this circuit:

I've bought an Omron G5LA-1 non-latching SPDT relay. It looks like this (from the datasheet):

I'm struggling to figure out how I wire this up though. I believe I need to ignore a pin, but I'm not sure which. I also don't know what gets wired to which pin.

I have the circuit wired up with the power, tumbler switch, and capacitor so far.

The keyboard just looks something like this, where 2 of the 26 contacts would be connected:

Any guidance with figuring out what goes to which pin is much appreciated!


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Ignore pin 4, that's the normally closed contact. It's that simple. Note that the diagram is looking at the bottom of the part, not from the top through it.

1 and 3 are the switch that closes when the coil is energized, it doesn't matter which is which, and they go to the keyboard.

2 and 5 are the coil.. again it doesn't matter which is which.

Test it out before hooking it up to the keyboard- you should hear the relay clacking as it operates with the "tumbler switch".

When you do hook it up, keep the connections neat, shorts kill parts.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Thanks for your swift reply Spehro! It works perfectly, thanks a lot! :) \$\endgroup\$ Mar 19, 2014 at 6:01

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