I am seeing if I can trace out remake some circuit boards laying around. For this particular board, I can identify all parts except this diode.

The part number is CK 2EZET (I am only assuming it is a zener based on the part number) Diode Picture

I tried googling just part of the number and came up with this: 2EZ Diode Series

Even if I cannot find the exact part, can I use any zener diode with similar characteristics? It is reverse biased across 28V Input and GND (This board controls a motor)

Thanks for any help


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Yes, you can use a similar Zener:

  • the same or higher power
  • the same breakdown voltage

If you can't identify this diode, it would be a good idea to take it out and measure its breakdown voltage.

It is reverse biased across 28V Input and GND

If this is what you mean:

enter image description here
Source: HyperPhysics

Then the breakdown voltage is VZ


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