I would want to know what is the Platform bus in SoC . I have seen some device driver implementation in Linux kernel where drivers are registered with platform bus or rather should i say these all called platform driver where devices sits on platform bus.

But what are the platform bus?

Is Amba bus platform bus for ARM bus SoC's?


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I'm not particularly a Linux or SoC developer, but I think this answer is correct:

Yes, the AMBA bus is the platform bus when it is used.

In /drivers/of/platform.c (line 29) when CONFIG_ARM_AMBA is set then the AMBA bus is used in creating the device tree. CONFIG_ARM_AMBA is set in the ARM config file, but it looks like it is only available on some devices.

There's a concise description of what the platform bus is for in the Linux kernel here.

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