Please identify this crystal. It's from immersionRC 600mW video transmitter. Labeled S80003H. I have another one labeled S80009F from same brand transmitter 100mW, they are same, whats difference? immersionRC 600mW transmitter crystal


While I haven't seen anything with that exact marking, I speculate that it is perhaps a cylinder type 8.000 MHz crystal oscillator, more or less interchangeable with the 8.000 MHz AB308-8.000MHZ, MCRJ308000F18300HZH, ECS-80-18-10X, etc.

I speculate that the S80003H is perhaps exactly the part model as the S80009F, but manufactured in a different week. And so with exactly the same part number except for the date code.

If, hypothetically, this company uses International Rectifier's date code system, then

  • "3H" indicates the 8th week of 2003 or 2013, and
  • "9F" indicates the 6th week of 1999 or 2009.
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