I noticed it's possible to give present a negation value by calling a variable the following:


However I'm trying to imitate an existing part where A has the header line, and B doesn't and it only works if I go at it backwards: enter image description here

While this is what what I want enter image description here

B/!A as oppose to !A/B enter image description here

There might be some sort of syntax I'm unaware of. I've already tried !{A}/B !(A)/B and !A_/B.


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Just like the Eagle documentation says, a second "!" in a name ends the inversion bar above the text. For example, if you want "not A, B", the name for that net in Eagle would be "!A!/B". The first "!" starts the inversion bar and the second ends it.

For example, here is the result of "!RESET!/RUN":


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