I am new to AVR programming and have tried couple of tests on assembly language and were successful.

However, I would like to try out programming in C with Atmel Studio.

Could somebody tell me where I can find the complete documentation of what is available for C language in Atmel Studio?


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Atmel Studio 6 provides the Atmel Software Framework which is a massive, if bloated, set of libraries for all the various hardware configurations that Atmel offers. Atmel has done a pretty good job of using doxygen in these libraries so you can find a pretty thorough set of documentation here.

The ASF is fairly well integrated into the IDE with some C example projects which should work out of the box (assuming you are using a dev kit or otherwise supported hardware).

The avr-Libc documentation is also a great source of information about this particular flavor of C. The rest is mostly gcc C syntax.

Lastly, while EE.SE is a great site, for AVR specific things you also might want to try asking a question over at AVR Freaks. I think the ASF documentation is relatively self-explanatory, but for things like project setup and tool-chain problems, that site is probably your best bet.


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