Circuit Hello everyone, so in my book I decided to do this practice question but failed to notice that the answer was not given in the back of the book. If anyone can help me confirm my answer I would much appreciate it.

The problem asks me to find the current over the 5 ohm resistor as a function of time. The initial condition is that the capacitor is charged to 5 volts. Top of the capacitor is positive polarity bottom is negative; should have put the signs in.

The answer I got to was the following:

$$ i_{R_{(5\Omega)}}(t)=\frac{(20sin(4t))}{(241)} + \frac{75cos(4t)}{241} + \frac{10}{3} - 2.6445e^{(-15t)} $$

If the formatting of this post is all wrong please forgive me. This is the first post I've ever made on a stackexchange site!

The INCORRECT Work I did to get to the answer above


The question has been answered thanks to a reddit user!

Here is a link to the reddit post.

Here is a direct link to their solution.

Here is a direct link to the corrections I did to my work (marked in red).

Hope this helps anyone in the future!


Answered thanks to a user on reddit!


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