I have recently moved from Singapore to New Zealand and have brought a number of eletrical applicances with me e.g. computer, ricecooker, router, etc.

Since the voltages are the same (currently using travel adaptors with a power board), I was assuming that as long as the applicance doesn't draw over 10A, then I could just swap out the fused Brittish IEC C8 & C14 cables with local non-fused ones. However I noticed that the rice cooker (C13/14 with a 10A fuse) has a sticker on it warning: do not use power cord from other applicances, so it got me wondering if it was infact safe or if they were just being overly cautious (or wanting you to pay for their expensive replacement cord).

Can I safely swap these IEC cables over?


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  • \$\begingroup\$ Most consumer warnings are to absolve the manufacturer of blame; if it starts a fire (not necessarily that it will) then clearly it was your fault. \$\endgroup\$ – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Oct 14 '14 at 19:32

Perfectly fine as long as the cable itself is the right rating.

Many cheap IEC cables, although the connectors are rated at 10A, the cable itself is a lower rating (because it's cheaper), such as 5A (why use 10A cable on an appliance that only draws a couple of amps?).

That's why you shouldn't use a cable from something else on the rice cooker, as it would need more than a generic cheap cable can safely handle.

(note: the UK electrical regulations are fixated on fuses. There's fuses everywhere, even when they're really not needed. In a typical circuit you'd have the MCB in the CU, the 13A in the 4-way strip's plug, the 13A a foot away in the 4-way itself, then another fuse (say 5A) 6 inches further away in the appliance plug, then another smaller one at the appliance entry... that's 5 fuses in a single power feed!!!)


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