I got this data from GPS module.

$GPRMC,235316.000,A,4003.9040,N,10512.5792,W,0.09,144.75,141112,,*19 $GPGGA,235317.000,4003.9039,N,10512.5793,W,1,08,1.6,1577.9,M,-20.7,M,,0000*5F

What is the meaning of these code ? How to get Latitude and longitude and how to convert that value to add GOOGLE map. I think GOOGLE map accept Decimal degree value.


Once you've read the NMEA sentence details as per David's answer and parsed them you can use code like the following to convert to decimal degrees:

double lat, lon;
int degrees;

lat = atof(RMC.latitude);
lon = atof(RMC.longitude);
degrees = (int) (lat / 100);
lat = (double) degrees + (lat - degrees * 100) / 60.0;
degrees = (int) (lon / 100);
lon = (double) degrees + (lon - degrees * 100) / 60.0;
if (RMC.NS_ind == 'S')
  lat = 0.0 - lat;
if (RMC.EW_ind == 'W')
  lon = 0.0 - lon;
Latitude = lat;
Longitude = lon;
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Did you use Google to search? These are NMEA sentences which are widely documented.

From that site:

$GPRMC - Recommended minimum specific GPS/Transit data

$GPGGA - Global Positioning System Fix Data

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