I'm looking at different connectors for for an FPC cable, and I've narrowed it down to two nearly identical connectors, whose only difference in the lock. One uses a "slide lock": slide lock

While the other uses a "flip lock": flip lock

I get the conceptual difference between the two, but is there any advantage in using one over the other? For example, does one offer greater mechanical strength for the connection?


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I have broken more of the flip-lock style than the slide-lock, but that might just be me...

If the flip-lock tab breaks then there's nothing else to do with that connector. But if the slide-lock breaks, you can sometimes push the locking mechanism into place with a toothpick or small screwdriver.


I bumped into this thread while searching for different FFC locking mechanisms and thought I'll leave this piece of info for future reference.

From personal experience with flip locks: you have to be careful if cable bends upward from locking mechanism - during vibrations (shipping/use) it might unlock itself, especially if used with short but stiff cabling.


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