The assembly house has a P&P machine (Yamaha i-pulse M4S) and the export file is from Altium. All components are read from the machine fine except an LCC gsm module MG323-b which has a particular think that i'll try to explain:

As you see at the modules' guide Pin4 (marked A) has different dimensions from all the others. It is rounded while all others are square. huawei gsm LCC dimensions

However on my PCB design I didn't use different footprint for that pin. PCB design. Stencil has the same footprint for all pins

Do you think that this may cause the problem of the pick&place machine? And if yes can you think of any solution of that problem ?

Best regards!


Yes, that is the cause of the problem (it expects a square pin at this location) . I can think of two solutions. 1) you have to "tell" the program that it is OK to place a round pin at the mentioned position, or 2) "tell" it to ignore the shape of the pin going into the mentioned position.

The 2nd solution is a bit more risky. Try them both, and use 1 if both work.


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