I am using 3.2' TFT LCD with touch pad. LCD has pins RD and WR. What is RD and WR pin?

Is WR for RD also ( for both write as well as read )?

Where to connect RD pin of LCD?

Please see attached pinout of LCD.enter image description here


The datasheet is the only real answer.

It looks like this LCD has a combination of interfaces:

  • DB0 .. DB15 with RD and WR seem to be a parallel interface (for the LCD??)
  • The D_* pins seem to be a serial (SPI-like) interface (for the touch-screen??)
  • the SD_* pins seem to be another serial (SPI-like) interface - is this one of thise LCDs with an on-board SD card connector?

A parallel interface with separate RW en WR pins (8080 style) requires that one of those pins is made active to do a read or write cycle. Often an alternative 'format' is provided where one pin selects between read and write, and another pin is activated to do a cycle (6800 style).


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