According to microchip, the dsPIC33EP512MU814 can be integrated with the dsPICDEM MCLV-2 Development Board using dsPIC33EP512MU814 Plug-In-Module

However, according to the dsPICDEM MCLV-2 Interface map the UART Rx and Tx of the evaluation board are pins 49 and 50, respectively. So then according to plug-in-module interface map that UART Rx must be mapped to pin SDA2/RP100/RF4, and UART Tx must be mapped to SCL2/RP101/RF5.

I'm aware that you can map out UART Tx to RP101 by simply assigning


However I was expecting the pin of UART Rx to be RPIx not an RPx.

Does this mean you can't perform UART Reception?


From the datasheet (emphasis mine):

The number of available pins is dependent on the particular device and its pin count. Pins that support the Peripheral Pin Select feature include the designation “RPn” or “RPIn” in their full pin designation, where “RP” designates a remappable function for input or output and “RPI” designates a remappable functions for input only, and “n” is the remappable pin number.

Since an "RPx" pin can be either input or output, you can remap the UART Rx to it.

RPINR18 = 0x0064;      // UART Rx PPS -> RP100

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