So i started this project a while back where i made a remote controlled car that i could control with the directional buttons on my keyboard via an Arduino -> now the next step i want to do is to get the tilt control in my iPhone to be driving the car :)

Anyone got a good tutorial on this?




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The biggest problem you've got is how to get data from the iPhone to the Arduino. The main possibilities are to:

  • Physically interface the iPod Touch/iPhone to the Arduino. (See this thread).

  • Send a signal from the iPod Touch/iPhone via WiFi (or, I believe, from the iPhone via Bluetooth) to a computer (likely running a webserver) or directly to the Arduino (provided it has additional hardware to receive bluetooth or WiFi signals.) (See this blog entry).


At the moment i am doing something similar with a light show.

You can use TouchOSC on the IPhone to send signals to your computer which can then send them to the arduino.

My set up is IPhone(Touch OSC) -> Processing -> Arduino

Works a treat I am tidying up my code now will post a link to it if you like. -


There's a lot of stuff on controlling things with the iPhone on the Arduino forum. Here is what I found with a search.


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