I've an Enable pin active-high that have maximum voltage rating of 3.0v, but I use a 3.3v MCU outputs. I've also a 3.0v voltage regulator on board.

Should I use resistor voltage divider or there is a possibilty to use 3.0v voltage regulator? And how should I connect it?


Yes, you could just use a simple voltage divider. However, if you wanted to do it in a more fancy way with the 3.0V supply, you could use a simple resistor and transistor (NPN or N-channel logic level MOSFET) arrangement which inverts the pin so it becomes active low:


simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab

So to activate your enable pin you would output a logic LOW, and to disable it a logic HIGH. It then also becomes the same as most other "Chip Enable" pins which are active low.


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