I'm looking for the clearance and creepage requirements between live voltage (230V) and SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) in the EU.

I had a look at this and other questions, but I rarely see numbers mentioned, and when I do see them, they often contradict each other. So far I've seen clearance distances of 3mm, 5.5mm and 6mm. For creepage I haven't any numbers at all.

So, what is required?

(PS: can somebody add the selv tag? Thanks)


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Here is a diagram that should help: -

enter image description here

Picture taken from this document.

Please also note that creepage distances might have to be bigger dependent on your pollution category and your material group. See this document for further info.

There is also this calculator - I have tried it and for 250V AC, the protection distances seem to be right i.e. basic creepage is 2.5mm with 2.5mm for supplementary making a 5mm total for reinforced. Ditto the clearance figures - they add up to 4.0mm for reinforced: -

enter image description here


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