I need to replace a burned-out diode.

It is marked P6KE16A 240K.

enter image description here

What do these numbers mean? Is there any information encoded? (e.g. 16A, 240K-Ohm)

Is this information sufficient for sourcing a new part? I can't find an identical part.

I can find a part (here) that matches P6KE16A -- how can I know whether it is a suitable replacement?


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This is a suppressor diode (TVS suppressor).

600W, 16V, unidirectional (yours is "A"), for bidirectional it would be "CA".


Lets just say it is a powerful zener diode.

Yours should read 0.7V in the forward direction, and should start clamping at around 13.xxV in the other direction. You can test the 0.7V with a mutimeter diode tester, the 13.xx V you can test with a power supply of about 18V minimum and a series resistor, say 100 Ohm if you use a 18V power supply.


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