I need to make few components in Eagle, which are all in standard packages, and I can see them in ref-packages.lbr.

The problem is that when I am creating my library I don't see how I can reuse package/symbol from another library, so that I only need to give new names to the pins and that's it? Package list is just empty and I can only draw one from scratch.

Unfortunately, all tutorials I've found in the internets do everything from scratch...


You can just copy a package from another library into your own library and edit it. Are you asking how to copy between libraries?

  1. Open your own library (the one you want to copy to).
  2. Then bring the Control Panel window to the front (leaving your library open in the background).
  3. In the list to the left, expand Libraries and expand the name of the library you want to copy from.
  4. Locate the package or footprint you want to copy, right click it, and select Copy to Library.
  5. Bring the window with your own library to the front, locate the newly copied package and edit it.
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    \$\begingroup\$ That's exactly what I was looking - it works :-) I was expecting that there is a way to use standard packages without copying all of them to my library... \$\endgroup\$ – BarsMonster Jun 27 '11 at 11:15

What you want to do is open your Library, then go to Library>Table of Contents.

From there you right click what you want to copy and select copy and save it with a new name.

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