I have a couple of these FT232RL breakout boards direct from China, look like they are Folger boards. I measured the voltage between Vcc and GND, and it's 5V from the factory.

It has 3.3V pad on the back. I'd like to change this to a 3.3V.

So do I solder the 3.3V pad to the center pad? Do I have to make a cut across the 5V trace?

Front back


On the picture it looks like there is a small trace between the 5V and centre pads. If that is the case, you must cut it and apply a solder blob connecting the 3.3V and centre pads.

I am not sure what this will do for the Vcc output pin. If it switches to 3.3V, be aware that you can draw only a very limited current from it.


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