In a PlanAhead TCL script, I need to know the timing score of a completed implementation run.

I have found an old way to do this from 2012. The solution is read directly the PAR report file.

In Vivado exist the TNS property that can be read directly with the report_property command. It exist a similar (and cleaner) way to obtain the timing score in PlanAhead?

Other options to obtain the timing score?

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Seems that the only way to obtain the Timing Score is reading directly the PAR report.

Next the code posted by Avrum in that old conversation at Xilinx forum

set d [get_property DIRECTORY [get_runs impl_1]]
set f [glob $d/*routed.par]
set chan [open $f]
while {[gets $chan line] >= 0} {
  # puts $line
  if {[string match "Timing Score*" $line]} {set score [lindex $line 2] }
close $chan
puts "Timing Score is $score"

I have test it, and works fine.

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