I am browsing some batteries to use for a wearable project.Initially I wanted to go with Lipos but upon stumbling upon this link I am amazed at NiMH and the variety of size, shape and battery capacity. I am not sure if it too good to be true for the capacities claimed here. Does anyone with experience of using NiMh thinks that these claims might be true? Especially given the form factor I am very interested in

NiMH 1/V150H 150 mAh with pins as I can connect a few of these in series to get a higher voltage and get rid of Boost circuit in my project. The form factor also gives me the flexibility to make optimal use of the space to make the circuitry a part of clothing itself. My project sinks 100mA average with pulses at 600mA at 5V. The max time I need for the project to run is 2 hours runtime max as it in Idle the consumption is just 10mA.


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2200mAh AA (14500) NiMH cells are available commonly, so 280mAh for a 1/3AA actually sounds a little low. I would expect 600mAh from that size instead.

Rather than putting multiple 1/V150Hs in series you might be better with one or more 4/V150Hs or 5/V150Hs on the same page. Putting them in parallel will let you easily hit your 2h life.


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