Can i only use the MOV command (for bit addressable registers like PSW,ACC as well as ports ) with the carry bit?

Is the command : MOV PSW.4,ACC.4 work with the assembler? if not why? How can i directly move a bit from one bit addressable loacation to the other and between SFRs?

I am using EDSim51dI version 2.1.14

ALSO, i am having problems using commands for bit addressing of PSW in the sim...!

EX: These instructions dont seem to work

org 0000h
mov psw,#0fh 
mov c,psw.4

please help? Urgent..!


No, if you want to move individual bits around, you need to do it in two steps, storing the bit temporarily in the carry bit:

mov c, psw.4
mov acc.4, c

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