I'm building a mobility music box, powered by a car battery (12v, 74Ah). What can I build into this box to show the current charge state (read somehow from a display if the battery should be changed)?
Will a simple voltage or ampere meter be enough?


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A car battery has some very specific charge/discharge characteristics. In general, it is not simple to accurately measure the state-of-charge without resorting to physically measuring the specific gravity of the electrolyte. One can attempt to measure the voltage, but many factors will affect it's accuracy, including temperature, load, past loading, amount of time left to rest, etc. That might be fine for a low-accuracy idea of how much battery is left. Here is a fairly straightforward implementation. Here is a more rigorous one, and a very rigorous one. Google "12v lead acid battery indicator schematic" or similar.

One electronic way of doing it would be to measure the amps used by the music box and average this over time. If it's a 74A/h battery, and over the past week the music box has operated for 16 hours whilst drawing exactly 2A of current, then (16*2) = 32A/h of the battery capacity has been consumed. 32A/h / 74A/h = 0.43 * 100 = 43% of the battery is consumed. 100 - 43 = 57% remaining. Doing these calculations can be done many ways, most today utilizing a microcontroller such as the AVR, PIC, or Arduino.


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