I need to charge a lead acid battery, I will be manually developing a program to set the current. Its the "US 12V XC2" Deep Cycle battery. Here is a link to the datasheet: http://usbattery.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/usb_12V_data_sheet_2015_web.pdf

The part I am confused about is "Bulk Charge Constant current @~10% of C/20 Ah in amps" does that mean C = 92? or C = 155? or is C/20Ah = 155?

Thank you


1C is the equivalent current per hour of the capacity of the battery. So if you have a 10Ah battery, 1C is 10A. C/20 for your battery is therefore \${155\text{A} \over 20} = 7.75\text{A}\$.

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