I want to be able to read current using an Arduino. I have purchased a Hobut Current Transformer from Farnell (Element14): http://uk.farnell.com/hobut/ctscmicro19-150-5-t/transformer-current-150a-1-5va/dp/2448032?ost=2448032

Here is a link to the datasheet: http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1850577.pdf

Could someone point me in the right direction to reading current using this current transformer and an Arduino?

Thanks in advance


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First hit on googling "interfacing CT to arduino": -

enter image description here

The current transformer you have will need the correct value burden resistor but everything else remains pretty much as standard.

Here is a link to the page I stole the diagram from. There are quite a few suitable looking hits from what I googled like this.

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