I have a gsm module but unfortunately it doesnt have an output for mic and speakers. I need to integrate mic and speaker too. In my GSM module, there are male pins available for mic_P mic_N for microphone and spk_P spk_N but I dont know how to connect these to speakers and microphone. Does anyone have any idea about this? Please share.

I am attaching a pic of my gsm module: enter image description here

  • \$\begingroup\$ Quite often you can just connect MIC_P to the positive side of an electret microphone and MIC_N to the negative. Likewise with a small speaker or set of headphones. The module won't drive a large speaker. Check if there is a voltage across MIC_P and MIC_N. \$\endgroup\$ – pjc50 Jul 28 '15 at 17:44
  • \$\begingroup\$ @pjc50 electret microphone... is it the normal microphone or something else? \$\endgroup\$ – anna carolina Jul 28 '15 at 17:46
  • \$\begingroup\$ It's .. an electret microphone. It should be in the description in a parts catalog. \$\endgroup\$ – pjc50 Jul 28 '15 at 17:49

You can use electret microphone. Connect its positive to MICP & negative to MIC_N.

For speakers, I have used this type of speakers. Connections are same.

Alternatively, for testing purpose you can also use your headphone. Cut the headphone wire and you will find wires to connect with SPK_P SPK_N MIC_p MIC_N .

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