I seen few camera modules by OV, that come on a flex cable like the one below (OV2640) enter image description here

How does this package called? I see on the OV website COB, CSP, uCSP,CLGA, but I suspect they're without the enclosed lens and cable. Does OV makes those, or some third party buys the sensor and mounts the lens/cable?


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All mobile style cameras I came across used one of any of the three common Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) connectors.

  1. The one shown above is an FFC/FPC connector style.
  2. LVDS FFC.
  3. Board to Board connector.

Both LVDS FFC and FFC/FPC look almost the same, while the BtB connector is different. The connector above is a 30-pin FFC/FPC 0.5mm pitch connector style. I have seen CMOS cameras coming in 24 and 30 pin FFC/FPC connector styles. Hirose and Molex are two out of many companies that manufactur the mating connectors and similar cables.

The CMOS chip is manufactured by OmniVision but thirt party companies like Sunny Optical package it together with the lense and connector. Most of those third party manufacturers only do Business-to-Business sales and rarely do sale those modules indevidually.

enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here


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