Can I implement a FM Radio Rx on the the Spartan 3E kit?

Starting Problems I am facing-

  1. How do I interface the Antenna with the Spartan 3E kit?

  2. Implementing the A/D converter.


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Mirics has a nice chipset for FM SDR that includes the RF front-end, tuner and A/D and exports I/Q samples over USB.

Here's a nice discussion about the part: http://www.reddit.com/r/RTLSDR/comments/2yjhvr/information_on_mirics_chipset_for_general_sdr/

I understand that this product uses the Mirics chip, but I have no experience with it myself: http://sdrplay.com/

You should be able to connect this box to the Spartan FPGA board via USB using their provided drivers for Linux.


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