For tent vias I setup Mask Limit in DRC file, this will tent all vias allowing me to set single vias to not tent. But if I want to tent only some vias, in a large board with a lot of vias this way is impraticable. So, there is a way allowing me to direcly tent some via that I select?

  • \$\begingroup\$ I think some people just make their via drill size at 0.5mm, the soldermask is supposed to tent because of the small size of the via. \$\endgroup\$ Aug 10, 2015 at 12:40

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The simple solution is as follows.

  1. Set you Mask Limit and run DRC to apply it.
  2. Group everything on the board, then select Stop->On from the Change tool (button looks like a Spanner/Wrench).
  3. Apply that to the whole group (right-click in an empty space on the board somewhere and select Group:Change). This will ensure that every via on the board has a stop mask aperture applied.*
  4. Now select Stop->Off from the Change tool
  5. Click on each via individually that you want to be tented. This will remove the aperture in the stop mask for that via individually.

*Note: Applying to the whole group with Stop->On shouldn't cause you an issue. The attribute won't affect components (and crucially pads within them), so any stop mask settings within a component will remain as they were. The only thing as far as I know that responds to the Stop attribute is vias, and only those which are not excluded by the Mask Limit in the DRC.


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