I'm looking for a way to enable the pull down resistor on a Freescale iMX6 MCU.

I'm running a Linux distribution on it and usually interact with the hardware using a higher-level language, so I'm not 100% familiar with the stuff below.

From what I read in the i.MX50 Applications Processor Reference Manual, resistor pull up / down options are configured using pad control settings, in particular using the following functions

  • PULL_KEEP_CTL (4 bits pull up/down and keeper controls)
  • PUS (2 bits pull up/down configuration value)
  • PUE (1 bit pull/keep select)
  • PKE (1 bit enable/disable pull up, pull down or keeper capability)

I found the pin definition in arch/arm/plat-mxc/include/mach/iomux-mx6q.h I found the definition of the pin I'm interested in (it's for this pin where I want to enable the pull down resistor).

#define _MX6Q_PAD_DISP0_DAT10__GPIO_4_31    IOMUX_PAD(0x04AC, 0x0198, 5, 0x0000, 0, 0)

The IOMUX_PAD definition contains the following

#define IOMUX_PAD(_pad_ctrl_ofs, _mux_ctrl_ofs, _mux_mode, _sel_input_ofs, _sel_input, _pad_ctrl)                                  \
  • _pad_ctrl_ofs - hexadecimal offset of the control register, which selects the electrical circuitry (from page 2336 in IMX35RM.pdf)
  • _mux_ctrl_ofs - hexadecimal offset of the MUX control register, which selects the function of the pin
  • _mux_mode - bits 2..0 in MUX control register
  • _select_input_ofs - SELECT_INPUT register offset (see table 4-11 IOMUX_CTL Register Addresses from 0x07A8, IMX35RM.pdf)
  • _select_input - see table 4-12 Daisy Chain List, IMX35RM.pdf
  • _pad_ctrl - bits to be set in register _pad_ctrl_ofs for configuration selection

I'm wondering if changing the _pad_ctrl value would do the trick. Would changing the definition of the pin, rebuilding the kernel and restarting the module with the new kernel enable the pull down resistor ?

#define _MX6Q_PAD_DISP0_DAT10__GPIO_4_31    IOMUX_PAD(0x04AC, 0x0198, 5, 0x0000, 0, (PAD_CTL_PUS_100K_DOWN | PAD_CTL_PUE | PAD_CTL_PKE))

Are there other ways to change the pad control values without rebuilding a kernel and restarting the module ?


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Check if you can access /dev/mem which gives you access to your entire ram and use mmap to access the memory-mapped I/O registers you need. I did this on a Beaglebone Black. Here is an example of accessing low-level register on a Beaglebone Black, maybe this can give you a hint. Hope it helps!


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