I am trying to make separate signal planes in eagle using the polygon tool. The problem is that when I draw the first polygon, regardless of whether I draw it small or large once I name it to GND and hit the "Ratsnest" tool, it will just occupy the whole space of the PCB leaving no space for other planes. How can I fix that?

Also I need one of the planes to be exposed copper, by drawing a polygon on either the bstop or tstop layers, I am getting what I need. The problem is that I don't know how to connect it to another part (say a transistor)?


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Give each one a seperate rank (found in the properties dialogue). The lower the number the higher the priority. So a polygon of rank 1 will be drawn first, then ones with a rank of 2 will be drawn next (being cut away by the higher priority polygon outlines).

This will allow you to have polygons inside polygons.

The second part of your question, if you name the polygon with the same name as the net you want it to connect to, then you can just route a trace staring from anywhere within the polygon and Eagle will know they are meant to be connected.


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