I am currently working on redesigning a SirfIII based battery operated GPS logger. A MTK3339 based GPS module has been selected due to overall (advertised) performance.

The GPS logger uses a microcontroller to enable the GPS receiver in a periodic time interval, wait for a position and then turn off the receiver (leaving backup supply enabled that keeps the ephemeris data in RAM, allowing faster TTFF.)

After some testing the results show that the old SirfIII logger is still outperforming the new MTK3339 version.

Standby current of the new logger is only 1/4th of the old design.

Closer investigation showed now that the SirfIII GPS chip features a special mode called Sirfaware. This is resulting in 50-75% shorter position acquisition times compared to MTK3339.


  1. Is anyone using MTK based GPS modules and found a way to improve position acquisition or overall power consumption?
  2. Is the MTK3339 the right choice for a battery operated logging application?
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I'm not sure of the MTK3339 specs. Have you looked at other modules? uBlox makes small and power-efficient modules (e.g. MAX-8). Telit also makes modules.


I'm not exactly sure about MTK3339. But I recommend you to check out Neo 6M, Neo 7M and Neo 8M by Ublox. They are extremely efficient in term of power and very popular among hobbyists and in the industry as well. If you buy from AliExpress, you can get each module with an antenna for around $5.


I don't have a lot of experience working with GPS modules (yet) but I know that the MTK3339 is used often in quadcopter design which runs off of a battery source. So it has proven to be applicable for battery operated logging applications, but I can't confirm that its the best choice.


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